9 Mind-Blowing AI Image Editing Tools For Bloggers

AI Image Editing Tools can help you tweak images just the way you want without cumbersome software
A blogger editing images using AI-powered tools
A blogger editing images using AI-powered tools

Captivating visuals are the best way to hook readers and engage them with your content. The mind perceives visuals better and adding them to blogs is a sure-shot way to increase clicks and traffic. 

It is hard to find the right image and more often than not you’ll need to tweak it to suit your content. While tools such as Photoshop have been the go-to for such tasks, these have a bit of a learning curve and need capable machines to run them. Thankfully, the AI wave has brought along AI-powered photo editors that are quickly becoming an alternative to traditional apps. Here is how these AI Image editing tools can help level-up your content game.  

As per recent statistics articles with visuals get 94% more views than those without.  Visuals are a part of the marketing strategy for about 71% of bloggers.

Here’s why you need AI image editors in your toolkit.

  • Finding a suitable relevant image is time-consuming. AI-powered editors can help you tweak the one you have.

  • Engaging thumbnails and feature images help pull audiences from Google Search pages as well as Social Media Platforms. 

  • AI-generated platforms have features to enhance images.

Image editors and image generators are not the same thing. Image editors, help with image manipulation to get your image to the output you desire. These online image editors can also assist you in creating fantastic thumbnails for your videos and customizing photos for social media. You can also use them to remove blur from photographs, upscale and resize them, and do a variety of other things.

Which Features to Look For in AI Photo Editors 

Here are the key features that can substantially improve your image editing experience.

1) Subject detection, can help with creating thumbnails or focusing on specific elements inside an image.

2) Background removal capabilities allows users to easily extract subjects and position them in various contexts. 

3) Upscaling and resizing images while maintaining quality is quite essential for adapting images for multiple platforms without losing clarity.

4) Ability to create their preferred mood and style by using precise color correction and filters.

5) Generative fill, which allows you to replace image sections using a text prompt, allowing for unprecedented creative possibilities.

6) Cross-platform capabilities in AI picture editing tools allows for convenient editing on the fly, with a preference for web-based access or a mobile app option. 

The Best AI Image Editing Tools For Bloggers

Adobe Express Beta

Adobe Express Beta
Adobe Express BetaAdobe Express Beta

Free for anyone, the Adobe Express Beta offer Photoshop-like features such as background removal, editing tools, and Illustrator allowing easy ways to put text and vector-based graphics. It has an in-built template option, to create visuals from scratch. The key feature include

  • Text-to-image feature using AI for prompt results

  • Enables text manipulation and the addition of 3D text effects

  • Background remover tool

  • Opacity level management tool

  • Resizing options

Availability & Pricing

Currently free as a public beta on a desktop. Premium templates and assets require a paid subscription. Adobe Express Premium is $9.99 per month. However, an annual plan can help users save up to 16 percent.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo
Luminar NeoLuminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a user-friendly photo editing unique from the earlier versions of the Luminar photo editing software line. While preserving the LuminarAI tools, Luminar Neo has significant enhancements.

The modular engine differentiates Luminar Neo from all earlier versions of Luminar. Modules help in speedier image processing, enabling users to try multiple tools without sacrificing performance. Luminar Neo can remove elements in the image automatically, mask objects, and alters the scene; add as many layers as necessary to realize complicated concepts. 

Key AI features include:

  • Re-light: This feature allows you to change the lighting in the photo.

  • AI Structure: Useful for adding more realistic textures or in a nutshell adding more depth and details to the photo. 

  • Dust Removal: Remove unwanted spots, dust, or artifacts from photos. 

  • Face and Skin AI: Offers features such as face slimming, teeth whitening, removing blemishes from skin, and eye enhancement. 

  • Atmosphere AI, Mood tool, Sunray: These gestures allow adding sun rays, fog, and creative color grading with the mood tool. 

  • Super Contrast: Helps to enhance the image by allowing to add more depth, shadows, highlights, or mid-tones.

  • Noise Reduction AI: AI-based noise reduction for smoother images.

Availability & Pricing

This software is compatible with Windows and Mac. It can also be used as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. The lifetime price is $149 while the monthly subscription starts from $8.25 per month. 



Canva leverages AI tools to remove people and objects from photographs, modify the color and lighting in specific areas and add elements to your image based on text inputs. All you need to do is tap, brush, or type and watch Canva complete hours of work in seconds. Once done, images can also be scheduled for social share directly, or imported into another creative design project.

Key features include:

  • Smart recommendations such as relatable content, templates, and designs based on the user’s history.

  • Time-saving Resizing feature.

  • Background remover.

  • Magic resize for social media platforms.

  • Enhancing features like brightness, contrast, and sharpness adjustment.

  • Text Effects feature that creates aesthetic & creative text layouts.

  • Text Summarizer helps convert data into infographics and visuals. 

Availability & Pricing

Canva is available on the Web and its application is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. The Canva enterprise version is dedicated to businesses with larger teams. The Pro plan costs $12.95 per month or $119.40 annually while the Enterprise plan starts at $30 per user/per month.



Pixlr is packed with features such as AI Image Generation tool, AI Infill, Text Wrap, Colour Channel tool, and Colourize tool. These tools enable creating high-quality graphics easier and more convenient, saving time and adding unique features to your projects. 

Pixlr provides multiple cloud-based image editing tools with several other features. 

  • Design: Create impressive designs and collages with Pixlr X feature.

  • Cutout feature: Provides the benefits of clean cutouts and accurately removes and replaces backgrounds in images.

  • Smart Scissors: Cut out desired parts from the image using AI via text prompts.

Availability & Pricing

Pixlr Pro edition starts from $5 per month. It is easily accessible from the web and also offers mobile applications, available on both Android and iOS. 



Lensa is famous for its selfie and portrait editing features and its AI features help in efficiency and enhancement of photo edits. Lensa allows users to easily edit and add touch ups to their selfie photographs. Developed by Prisma Labs Inc., Lensa uses AI tools to adjust images’ filters and remove blemishes out of selfies.

Key features of Lensa include:

  • AI Retouching: Automatically corrects imperfections such as skin texture, blemishes, spots wrinkles.

  • AI Portrait: Distinguishes foreground from the main subject, and allows you to edit them separately.

  • Filters: Allows using various filters to enhance the portrait.

  • Eye Contrast: Without making the eyes seem unnatural or edited, it enhances the eyes in the image.

  • Background Blur: Automatically blurs the background to give an SLR effect.

Availability & Pricing

For 10-20 selfies that a user uploads, Lensa will create a pack of 50 images for $7.99. With One-year subscription, starting at $35.99, other retouching and editing services are also included. Lensa is an app on iOS and Android. The AI features need an active Internet connection to work. 



VanceAI is powered with some of the most advanced AI capabilities including AI upscaling, sharpening, and improving. VanceAI can help edit photos and graphic design for websites, blogs, banners, or merchandise using VanceAI's range of photo processing capabilities.

  • Image Enlarger feature: Improves the resolution of images while retaining their quality.

  • Image Denoiser: Uses AI to reduce the noise in the image for a clearer appearance.

  • Image Sharpener: Uses AI to sharpen the edges and details of photos.

  • AI Background Remover: Keeps the main subject and removes the background smoothly with sharp cutouts.

  • AI Colorizer: Using AI, this tool makes black & white images colorful by adding natural-looking colors to them automatically.

  • Photo Restorer: Very useful tool as it helps in restoring old or damaged photos using AI.

  • AI Portrait Enhancer: This tool uses AI to naturally enhance portraits.

Availability & Pricing

The pricing plan for VanceAI is as follows:

  • 100 Credits start at $4.95

  • 200 Credits start at $6.95

  • 500 Credits start at $11.45

  • 1000 Credits start at $17.95

VanceAI is accessible on browsers only.



Fotor provides a suite of photo editing tools and capabilities for editing and enhancing images. Fotor One-Tap Photo Enhancer improves image quality and resolve common imaging issues automatically. Fotor GoArt can convert photos into classical paintings, and Fotor AI Background Remover can eliminate backgrounds from images with a single click. 

Let’s discuss the key features:

  • HDR Effects: A single click enhances the image and makes it look professionally edited.

  • Retouching: Features fixing blemishes, wrinkle remover, adding blush, weight loss, teeth whitening, and red-eye remover. It uses AI for these changes and still manages to make the image look professionally natural.

  • Automatic Enhancements using AI. With its one-click "Auto Enhance" feature, this tool enhances the photos from wherever necessary.

Availability & Pricing

Fotor Pro is priced at $3.33 per month and Fotor Pro+ is priced at $7.49 per month. Fotor is accessible on Browser as well as available on desktop applications, both on Mac and Windows. 

The mobile application is available on Android as well as iOS devices.



BeFunky is a web-based photo editor, collage maker, and graphic designer. It has numerous fully adjustable templates, a large tool library, and gorgeous design elements. BeFunky provides an easy-to-use mobile Photo Editor for iOS and Android for on-the-go editing.

  • AI Portrait Enhancer: Uses AI to enhance portraits. It can recognize faces and apply improvements such as skin smoothing, blemish fixing, and teeth whitening.

  • Background Remover with AI that efficiently identifies the subject and removes the background.

  • Photo to Cartoon feature that uses AI technology and converts images to cartoon-looking pictures.

  • AI Image Upscaler: Upscaling photos using AI without losing quality.

  • Other features include- AI to Paint Photos, AI Beautify, and AI Cutout.

Availability & Pricing

The BeFunky Plus subscription prices start from $5.99 per month. It is accessible on Web browsers and mobile applications- Android & iOS.



SumoPaint has tools for painting, designing, and modifying photographs and graphics. SumoPaint's totally web-based platform enables flexibility and provides an easy user interface appropriate for both novice and experienced creators. SumoPaint is an online and offline drawing and photo editing application. Its features include:

  • Fix Face feature

  • Background remover

  • Image enhancer

  • Image clarity features

Availability & Pricing

The Pro package costs $4 per month. It is accessible on a web browser and has a desktop application too.

Wrapping up

The ability to easily enhance photos, and designing eye-catching visuals is known to have a significant impact on how the content is recieved. Good visuals not only help engage viewers from Google search but can also help drive engagement from social media platforms. These AI powered photo editing tools eliminate the learning curve significantly making it easy for anyone to alter images.

A majority of the tools on our list are web-based making it available across a range of devices and operating systems. These tools are ideal for bloggers and social media teams looking to get a lot done for less.

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