Top 8 AI Image Generators to Revolutionize Your Content

Make your articles more engaging with these text to image generators
Top 8 AI Image Generators to Revolutionize Your Content

With attention spans getting shorter day by day, it is almost impossible to engage your audience without any visuals. Images not only help enrich the content but also help make the content more engaging for readers. While digital publishers resorted to finding the right image or creating one with the help of a graphics designer, it was a slow process. With generative AI you can now create images with text simplifying the task of image creation. Further tweaks and changes to these images are also easy to make.

Curious about how AI image generators work? They use machine learning algorithms to create images. These generators have a pre-trained dataset of images that is used to match your specified criteria or requirements. These generators can produce a wide variety of images, ranging from abstract designs to realistic photographs.

For digital publishers, AI image generators provide several benefits. They simplify the process of finding the right images to complement blog content. Furthermore, AI image generators offer Key Features, allowing you to tailor these generated images to a desired style or theme. This helps in maintaining consistency across content on your website.

Additionally, AI image generators enable bloggers to create unique and original visuals, reducing dependency on generic overused images. This can enhance the overall quality and appeal of the blog, making it more visually engaging for the audience. For publications with a graphic designer, these AI image creation tools can help create first drafts in a matter of seconds.

Best AI Image Generator Tools for Bloggers

If you are convinced that AI text-to-image tools can help you with your image needs, we’ll help you get started with some of the best tools for the job. Some of the popular, most-used text-to-image AI tools include-

1. Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 is a popular text-to-image generator created by OpenAI, the same folks behind ChatGPT. Dall-E 2 can generate images based on prompts. It allows users to input prompts up to 400 characters to generate unique and creative images. Dall-E 2 uses the GPT 3 model to generate outputs. The copyright of these images remains with the user allowing them to use and even sell them AI-generated images. It also offers you the option to upload an image and generate variations of it.

Key Features

  • Excellent image quality

  • Generate image variants with one prompt

  • Generate samples can be edited further including inpainting, outpainting, eraser, and expand image.


Dall-E 2 charges credits for generating and editing images.. Early adopters who signed up before April 2023 were awarded free credits while those who join later will have to buy the credits. OpenAI offers 115 credits for $15.

Midjourney can onl;y be accessed via Discord
Midjourney can onl;y be accessed via Discord

2. Midjourney

Midjourney is a popular AI-powered image generation tool. The most unique thing about Midjourney is that it can only be accessed through Discord, a popular chat app. There is no graphical user interface either and image tweaks and changes need to be done using text input. It has a bit of a learning curve for new users. You get a few free trials to start with but ultimately, you will have to purchase a subscription.

Images generated during the free trial have a creative commons license while those generated with a paid plan are copyrighted to the user. Images generated by Midjournet are visible to everyone, however, it does offer a stealth mode to keep images private as a part of their Pro plan.

Key Features 

  • You can pick the required quality parameter

  • Low, medium, and high style options to customize quality

  • Choose whether you want the job done with speed or in relaxed mode.

  • Fast mode to generate images super quickly.

  • Stealth mode for privacy


Midjourney offers three paid plans for users to choose from, the basic plan starts from $10 per month, the standard plan for $30, and the Pro plan is $60 per month. 

Microsoft Designer's interface
Microsoft Designer's interface

3. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI-based tool created using Dall-E 2.5. It is currently in preview and is a browser-based app at this point. It’s great to generate templates, posters, and cards. It can be used to create graphics for slideshows and presentations. It allows users to upload images, alternatively, it also offers the ability to generate images using text. Customization options to the generated image are a little limited at this point. Moreover, it provides a library of multiple templates to choose from. You can further tweak the image as per your need.

Key Features 

  • Create varied designs (multiple layouts available)

  • Custom sizing available

  • Editing options- expand the background, replace the background, erase, and fill.

  • Upload an image to generate similar images.

  • Modify text, colors, and layout

  • Build your own brand kit


The Microsoft Designer web app is free to use with some limitations. However, the paid subscription with complete features is available for $69.99 annually.

Adove Firely also powers Adobe Photoshop
Adove Firely also powers Adobe Photoshop

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an upcoming AI image generator tool developed by Adobe. It comes with the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Using Firefly, you can create interactive, animated pictures using generative AI. Adobe Firefly offers a graphical user interface that allows prompters to easily tweak the output of the generated image. The best part of that it can easily be integrated with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Key Features

  • Tweak aspect ratio

  • Generate 3d object variations

  • Edit videos using text

  • Ability to generate brand templates

  • Custom textures to generate graphics

  • Extend image

  • Generative fill and recolor


Currently, Adobe Firefly’s beta version is available for free in specific regions.

5. Dream Studio 

Dream Studio is an open-source AI image generation platform that utilizes Stable Diffusion models(for high-quality images). Dream Studio allows you to enter negative prompts offering the ability to fine-tune prompts. You can select different aspect ratios and also offers the option to select the number of samples. It also offers users the option to upload an image and get variations generated using AI. It is a helpful tool to bloggers for customizing images by manipulating various parameters such as style, content, and intensity to create unique pictures.

Key Features

  • Set aspect ratio.

  • Upload your own image for variations

  • Option to set a seed value.

  • Generate multiple images quickly.

  • Ability to add a negative prompt.

  • Choose the desired style from cinematic, origami, comic book, etc.


You receive 25 credits for free which can be used to generate about 30 images. After that, you can buy 1000 credits for $10(minimum plan).

6. Nightcafe

Nightcafe is an AI-based image generator developed by NVIDIA. It allows users to generate images based on textual commands or prompts. It is one of the fastest AI image generators. Like Dream Studio, it is also based on the Stable Diffusion model.

Key Features

  • Unlimited styles and presets

  • Create multiple images

  • Bulk download

  • Custom seeds

  • Modify aspect ratio and quality


Nightcafe offers daily free credits. You can earn more credits by participating in their art community.

7. DeepAI

DeepAI offers various AI image-generation tools and APIs that can generate images from textual descriptions. It also offers the option the upload an image and makes changes to it using text input. DeepAI also offers a colorize option that can be used to convert black and white images to color. It is another free-to-use tool based on the Stable Diffusion model.

Key Features

  • Choose image shape

  • Create a 3D hologram

  • Multiple free styles to choose from

  • Private image generation (pro)

  • API Access (pro)


DeepAI offers a few free credits to demo the product but it does have paid plans. DeepAI Pro offers API access, more styles, private image generation, and more for $ 4.99 per month which would last for about 500 images. You can extend this further in $5 increments for the same features.

8. is a free online tool that can generate art, images, and drawings from text descriptions. Formerly called Dall-E mini, offers you six variations based on your text prompt. You have the option to upscale the option you like and save it further as well. AI image generator that transforms text into visual representations. It was developed by researchers from Google and Hugging Face.

Key Features

  • Ability to add negative words

  • Enhance images for better quality

  • Creates nine images at once

  • Auto-generates the next prompt based on your actual prompt


It is a free AI Image generator and does not require any signup as well. However, its pro version allows you to lower the wait time and get more images. There are three plans starting at $5 per month.

This was our comprehensive list of the best AI image generator tools for bloggers. Some other popular ones include Fotor, StarryAI, Deep Dream Generator, etc.

How to Choose an AI Image Generator That Suits Your Needs?

When choosing the right text-to-image tool for your blog or personal brand, you must consider the following options-

  1. Quality of output: Different tools use different pre-trained models, for example, Dall-E uses a diffusion model trained on top of CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining) while DreamStudio is trained on Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion model. You need to gauge which output quality matches your needs and choose an AI image generator accordingly., In our experience MidJourney, and DreamStudio offers excellent outputs.

  2. Ease of Use: How easy is the image generator to use? It is user-friendly? Is it easy to find your way around the tool? For example, MidJourney which isn’t standalone and uses Discord has a bit of a learning curve.

  3. Fine-tuning: Does the AI tool offer the ability to fine-tune the output the way you want it? AI tools that allow a negative prompt are capable of getting you the desired output with minimal prompting.

  4. Speed: If you are looking for generative AI to speed up your image creation process, the AI tool needs to be fast. Select a tool that can generate images quickly or offers the option to purchase additional GPU time.

  5. Customization: Does the AI generator allow additional inputs such as color schemes, object attributes, or composition guidelines? This allows you to control specific aspects of generated images and get accurate output.

  6. Resolution and Quality: Optimize for smaller images suitable for web or mobile applications or generate high-resolution images for print or artistic purposes. Does the AI generator allow you to alter the dimensions of the image output? Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and Microsoft Designer offer good flexibility here.

  7. Output Format: Define the output format of the generated images, such as JPEG, PNG, or even a proprietary format suitable for your application.

  8. Rights to the image: Images generated by AI under their free plan have a creative commons license which allows others to reuse the image. However, paid plans give you the copyright of the image. Private image generation is another factor you should consider when selecting an AI image generator.

With the right AI image generation tool you will be able to create images without worrying about copyright infringement issues, browsing and purchasing stock images. Even if you have a graphic designing team, you can scale up your design processes using AI image generation tools easily. Boosting reader engagement has gotten easier thanks to AI, all it takes is a crisp prompt and a few seconds.

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