Top 8 AI-Powered Tools for Social Media Managers

AI-Powered Tools to help you ace your social media game
Top 8 AI-Powered Tools for Social Media Managers

Social media plays a major role in content distribution for digital publishers. In fact, a survey by Hubspot revealed that social media is the third biggest contributor to website traffic, closely following organic search. According to this survey, social brought in almost 16% of website traffic while direct traffic was at 22% and organic search traffic at 17%. 

While organic search traffic depends on SEO and is at the mercy of Google’s algorithm updates, a good social media strategy has a direct impact on website traffic. Whether you are a social media manager who’s part of a big newsroom or a blogger who takes on social media distribution after publishing articles, AI can help. You can ideate, create and even automate social media posts using AI tools, boosting your distribution while reducing the time and effort involved in the process. 

If you are looking for AI-powered automated tools to amp up your social media game, you’ve landed at the right spot. We’ve listed some of the best AI-powered tools for you. In case you are simply looking for tools to generate social media posts while you take care of the rest, we’ve included those as well.

1. Publer

Looking to automate your social media to run on autopilot? Publer might be the solution for you. Let’s start with the AI Assist feature that uses GPT 4 to generate content using AI. You can brainstorm ideas or generate posts taking current social media trends into account. 

The AI Assist feature also allows you to generate images using generative AI for your social media posts. Publer uses Dall-E to generate these image requests. It can also generate social media copies tailored to the platform of your choice with a text prompt. You can create Facebook posts and even Twitter threads in this fashion. 

The AI Assist feature isn’t limited to only creating posts. It can also create customized replies for your followers on these platforms to boost engagement. This feature is also capable of creating posts that match your publication style and tone across social media platforms. In order to generate responses, Publer relies on OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT). By default, Publer relies on a shared OpenAI account but if you have a business plan with OpenAI, we will recommend using your own API key for AI Assist. Do keep in mind that you will be charged for these prompts.

Publer seems to be a one-stop solution for bloggers and digital publishers looking to automate their social media distribution. It can run with a single person to manage and schedule while it does all the heavy lifting.

You can try Publer for free but certain features require you to sign up for a paid plan. The Professional plan starts at $15 per month whereas the Business plan is priced at $30 per month. You will need the Professional or Business plan to get unlimited scheduling options. We will recommend the Professional plan for bloggers while the Business plan is better suited for large newsrooms. You can take a look at the pricing details here.

2. Ocoya

Ocoyo is an AI-powered social media tool that touts the ability to translate text into 28 languages. For publishers and bloggers catering to regional audiences, this tool might be able to target different demographics very easily.

You get the option to create images and even edit them in Ocoya before posting them. If you wish to post video content, this tool allows you to generate short-form videos and also choose from thousands of royalty-free videos in its repository. It also has the ability to generate captions for your social media posts which it does using GPT3.

Ocoya can access all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Before posting to these platforms it can also search trending hashtags for that particular platform and include them in your posts. It also offers scheduling capabilities allowing you to plan your weekly and monthly social calendars with ease.

Link shortener is built in saving you one more step in the posting process, and once your posts are live, the inbuilt analytics can tell you how they’ve performed over time. Ocoya offers four paid plans to choose from, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. These plans are priced at $15 per month, $39 per month, $79 per month, and $159 per month when billed annually. Do note that the feature to translate and post in multiple languages is available from the Silver plan. You can check detailed pricing plans here

3. takes a slightly different approach compared to Publer and Ocoya. Lately does not use a GPT model instead it trains its AI using your news articles, blogs, and newsletter to learn. You can also feed it podcasts and videos to broaden its abilities. But you don’t have to teach it everything. When it comes to social media posts it has a few pre-tested posts for specific target audiences that it can tap into when creating your posts. 

You can give Lately your article copy and it can convert it into different social posts for various platforms you use. It can also generate clips from podcasts as well as videos for social media allowing you to repurpose content easily.

As you use Lately, its AI learns from the analytics data of your social media accounts, learning what works for your audience. It compares these learnings from data in its own archive to improve its algorithms. It can also pick the right day and time based on your audience and their preference. If you are already using Hubspot Marketing Hub, Hootsuite, or Sprinklr, Lately can integrate with it. has a starter plan for a single user, single channel priced at $99/ month while the Pro plan for a single user and up to 20 channels is priced at $179/ month when billed annually. Enterprises will need to contact Lately for custom pricing.

4. Buffer

Buffer has been a popular social media tool for scheduling and posting on different platforms. It features a new AI assistant tool that can be used to generate ideas for posts and also has the ability to repurpose existing content into new formats before posting. 

Buffer AI Assistant is a chatbot like ChatGPT that requires you to give it inputs in the form of text, It can be used to brainstorm ideas, change the tone and style of an existing post, or translate the post into a different language altogether. Buffer AI Assistant offers the ability to add generated content to the publishing queue with a single click.

You can schedule a wide variety of posts across multiple platforms on Buffer, including scheduling Instagram Stories making it a preferred choice for social media managers. Buffer offers the AI Assistant for free in all its plans allowing you to try out generative AI. The base free plan allows you to link three social media accounts and does get Buffer AI Assistant. The Essentials plan adds analytics and engagement tools over the free plan will cost you $6/ month for each social media platform you add. Finally, the Team Plan will cost $12/ month per channel and offers unlimited users and draft collaboration tools on top of the Essentials plan.


Predis claims that it's a combination of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite right on its homepage. It offers a bunch of AI tools for you to try out such as AI Meme Generator, Hashtag generator, Background remover, Background changer, and more. Predis is also capable of using AI to select the best photo for posting when you give it multiple options. If you don’t have an image to go with the post, it offers a stock image search to find images matching your description using AI. 

The AI tools that Predis offers are enough to get you from the ideation stage to publishing on social media. Predis supports a wide number of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. It also has support for 18 languages allowing you to post in more than one language when required. It also offers competitor analysis to help you win your social media game.

Predis has four plans to choose from; the free plan allows only 15 AI-generated posts/ month and 10 competitor analysis run/ month, however, you will get a Predis.AI watermark on generated content. The Solo plan priced at $29 per month offers 120 AI-generated posts per month and 60 competitor analysis runs. The Starter plan, at $59 per month offers unlimited AI-generated posts and competitor analysis. You also can add another brand under this plan. The Agency Plan starts at $139/ month and allows you to manage 5 brands. There are options to add more brands to the Agency plan by paying $27/ month for each brand.

6 claims to help you manage both creatives for social media as well as ad campaigns. You can generate text as well as images using AI however these generations are limited to the amount of credits you get as a part of your plan. For social media, it has predefined image sizes for each platform allowing you to have an image generated in the required dimensions. Similarly, it also offers a wide array of choices for display advertising. 

Just like, AdCreative also offers access to free stock images for social posts. On the ads creative site, it has a Creative Insights feature that analyzes 10 of your best-performing ads and trains its AI on it.

The pricing starts at $21 per month for the Starter plan. The Premium and Ultimate plans are priced at $44 and $74 per month respectively while the Scale-Up plan is priced at $111 per month. Mentioned prices are what you get when you pay annually. 

7. FeedHive

If you are looking for one tool to handle your social media duties end-to-end FeedHive might fit the bill, almost perfectly. FeedHive allows you to generate social posts using a ChatGPT-based AI that has a chat interface for easy interaction. FeedHive claims to have fine-tuned the AI further to improve its writing capabilities. This AI can also predict the performance of the social post allowing you to make changes before posting to social media. Once these posts are created the tool allows you to schedule it. FeedHive also tracks follower activity and suggests an ideal time to post on social media platforms in order to get the best engagement.

FeedHive supports posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. The kicker here is that this tool has a social inbox feature that allows social media managers to respond to followers across platforms from a single dashboard. Social analytics is available to track the performance of posts. FeedHive’s Collaboration feature allows a social media team to work together to create posts.

There are four plans on offer; the base Creator plan is priced at $19/ month and is ideal for individual content creators. Do note that the Creator plan does not include FeedHive AI. The Brand plan is priced at $29/ month while the Business and Agency plan is priced at $99/ month and $299/ month respectively. All these plans have support for FeedHive AI. 

8. Vista Social

Vista Social checks all the boxes when it comes to features for a social media tool. It has ChatGPT integration enabling you to generate social posts from scratch. It has a wide range of support for social platforms, including popular ones such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Vista Social also has Canva integration allowing for image generation using AI. In case you are using a photo from a different source, Vista Social adds photo credits to the caption automatically to attribute to the original source.

Vista Social’s engagement feature brings all comments into a single inbox. This allows social media managers to respond to their audience across platforms right from here. You can also keep track of social media trends using Vista Social to be up to speed with trending topics on each platform. The collaboration feature allows your team to add posts to Vista Social which you can then approve to go live.

You can get started with a Free Plan on Vista Social right away. There are two paid plans on offer, the Pro plan is priced at $15/ month while the Pro + is priced at $25/ month. The Pro plan allows for 3 users and 5 social media profiles, additional social profiles can be added at $3/ month. The Pro+ plan does not have a cap on users but only offers 5 social media profiles to monitor, every additional profile is charged at $5/ month. You can find a detailed comparison of the pricing here.

These are some of the most capable social media tools that leverage the power of generative AI to boost your social media game. If you are generating high-quality content, it is important to distribute it in the same manner. These tools will help you identify trends, monitor your social performance, and help you engage followers with the help of AI.

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