Unmasking AI: The Ultimate AI Detection Tools

Aditya Shenoy

AI-generated content is cost-effective and efficient. But it raises concerns about authenticity. Enter AI detection tools, these tools help maintain reputation, ensure accuracy, and prevent plagiarism.

1. GPTZero

Classifies your text as GPT3, GPT4, ChatGPT, Bard, AI+Human or Human. Used by top news leaders for its high accuracy rate.

2. Copyleaks AI Detection Tool

Claims to be the only enterprise solution for AI detection with an astonishing accuracy rate of 99%.

3. ZeroGPT

An AI plagiarism checker used to detect whether given text is written by AI tools or is written by a human.

4. Originality's AI Detection Tool

An advanced tool offering a lightweight Google Chrome extension for AI detection.

5. AI Content Detector by Writer

Can identify AI-generated text up to 1500 characters for free. Also detects spelling, grammar, syntax errors.

6. GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

Employs transformer models to analyze the content of a given text and identify if it’s produced by humans or AI.

7. AI Text Classifier by Open AI

Provides a likelihood of the text being AI-generated. However, it is only partially reliable.

In today’s world, humans and AI will have to coexist. Finding a suitable AI-content detector becomes necessary for publishers.