Top 7 AI Tools to Remove Background Noise From Audio

Explore the top AI tools for flawless audio! Find out how these top 7 AI tools can remove background noise from audio and elevate your sound experience.
Top 7 AI Tools to Remove Background Noise From Audio

Recording interviews is a common affair for journalists these days, sometimes for drafting precise articles and sometimes for posting the complete interview. In most cases, these recordings are made digitally and (sometimes) remotely. Since a recording-friendly environment isn’t always possible outdoors, the result is some background noise creeping in and affecting the audio quality.  While re-recording the audio was the only option earlier, some AI tools are now capable of removing background noise from audio, saving journalists time and effort.

Apart from recorded interviews, these AI tools can also be used by podcasters to improve the quality of their recording.

We explore some of the best AI tools for removing background noise from audio in this blog, which we believe might be a game changer for news publishers and podcast producers. 

Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice's homepage says, "Stop wasting hours editing your podcast," highlighting the product’s qualities.

It can remove filler words, stuttering, and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording. The primary benefit that it offers is that it can remove sounds in many languages, which is especially useful for publishers covering multiple regional languages. It can reduce typical audio artifacts such as clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering. It can also reduce silence or shorten its duration, which increases engagement.  This saves the journalist (and the editor) a lot of manual work and editing time. This allows them to devote more time to other, more vital areas of their profession, such as gathering news, conducting interviews, and creating content while maintaining high-quality audio output.

Cleanvoice AI offers a 30-day free trial period with no credit card required. Users can also select any of the subscription options, which start at €10 per month. lets you create, edit, and even publish to all major platforms from a single website. The biggest feature of this AI platform is its comprehensive suite of five tools, which help journalists expedite work from a single tab. 

The Recording Studio supports local recording of up to ten participants on separate tracks, ensuring HD/4K video and audio even with unstable internet. Its Audio Editor removes background noise, equalizes, edits text, and provides access to a royalty-free music collection, resulting in a seamless audio editing experience. Its video editor includes features such as distinctive layouts and clip highlights, and its AI-produced voice tool helps in the creation of podcast episodes by using lifelike AI voices to tell stories or create a clone of one's own voice. also has a hosting hub to increase its audience reach. A single click on the magic dust option removes all undesirable noise from the audio, and a single click on the silence removal option removes all awkward silences. The best feature is its transcription feature, which allows the reporter to easily construct a written article from audio. With its advantageous characteristics, this instrument undoubtedly makes the job of a news reporter easier. has three pricing options, ranging from $0 to $23.99. It also offers a free trial period. 



Descript enables rapid and precise multitrack audio editing with transcription. It is also packed with additional valuable AI functions.  It allows you to alter the transcribed text and also uses the green screen effect. News reporters can use AI voice cloning to create an ultra-realistic voice clone. 

Voice cloning involves feeding your own texts to an AI tool, which will give them voice. This eliminates the need for additional recordings and allows users to better manage their time. It can be used to convert text into speech and for voice-overs. 

It also reduces background noise perfectly using its intuitive technology. It combines podcast and audio production tasks such as writing, recording, transcribing, editing, collaborating, and sharing into a single platform, improving the quality and efficiency of the process.

You can get started for free at Descript. Creator plans start at $12 per month, and Pro plans start at $24 per month.



LALAL.AI is a vocal removal and music source separation service provider AI solution that allows for quick and accurate audio extraction. 

This tool was created primarily for musicians to segment audio using AI. It does, however, include an audio cleaning tool that journalists can use to improve the output quality.  It handles vocal and instrumental tracks fluidly and without sacrificing audio quality. It also enables news reporters to quickly and precisely eliminate certain sections from audio records.

LALAL.AI has three pricing options: the Lite pack for $15, the Pro pack for $35, and the Plus pack for $25.

Veed allows you to make professional-quality videos that are visually appealing. This tool is also featured in our list of the best AI-video editor tools for newsrooms and bloggers. makes it simple to add subtitles and translate text. It enables recording and editing in the same location. It also allows adding animations to subtitles with a single click, thanks to a simpler, one-click subtitle addition capability. It smoothly reduces background noise from audio or video while also providing a slew of other benefits. streamlines the video or audio creation process and enables news reporters to rapidly make high-quality outputs, saving them time and effort while giving them the recognition they deserve.

VEED.IO has three pricing editions, ranging from $10 to $18. There is also a free trial of VEED.IO available. provides a variety of portable online tools as a smart alternative for effectively and efficiently enhancing your media assets.

It allows news reporters to add soothing music with its AI music generator. It has a vocal remover that extracts vocals, instruments, and noise reducers to diminish background noise without compromising on quality. It has an audio converter that changes the audio formats in seconds and a voice changer feature that transforms voices into various pitches or mimics different characters. It also allows audio scaling and an audio speed changer with a few clicks. Its instrument splitter allows dividing music into separate instrument sounds using AI. 

Apart from these, it also provides voice beautification, a volume compressor, and an audio expander. This jam-packed kit of functionality suits a news reporter perfectly to not just streamline work but also play around with extra, better effects for an enhanced presentation. offers two pricing models: prepaid packages and subscription plans. You can also purchase a certain number of conversion minutes and use them whenever you want ("pay as you go").

Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast
Adobe Podcast

This global software company is now adding another AI tool to its arsenal of creativity-powered tools, which enables for the creation of high-quality and professional podcasts and voiceovers.

Adobe Podcast has a background noise remover feature that removes noise and echo from voice recordings. You can record, edit and enhance your audios at one place, in your browser. It makes your voice recordings seem like they were recorded in a professional studio. It also captures high-quality audio whether alone or with guests. Adobe has added yet another comprehensive AI mastery to its list with intuitive capabilities, professional grade recording, simplifying and enhancing the podcast and audio experience for news reporters to serve their audience. 

And the best part? Adobe Podcast offers a free version with basic functionality appropriate for novices and people who want to experiment with the tool.

The landscape of the AI world is evolving significantly, and news reporters now have a lot more efficient options for content production. These AI tools can help journalists remove background noise from their audio interviews, helping them deliver authentic conversations in the best manner possible.  It helps them overcome challenges related to remote recordings, disturbed background noise, production quality, and adding subtitles manually. With the swiftness that AI tools provide, it's time for newsrooms to provide the best quality content for their audiences.

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