8 Best AI-Powered Text-to-Video Tools for Publishers & Creators

Looking to create videos from scratch? These AI tools can help
These AI tools help you generate video using text inputs.
These AI tools help you generate video using text inputs.

In the digital era, attention spans are dwindling while content consumption is at its peak online. Integrating blogs and online articles with videos has turned out to be an effective way to engage readers and keep them on websites for longer. A recent analysis of the collected data shows that articles which integrate videos are 52% more likely to be shared compared to the ones which only have text. Videos make articles more engaging and also increase the chances of the article being shared with others. 

Creating a professional video can be an expensive process to start with, specifically for small publications and bloggers. Traditionally, creating videos required substantial resources, editors, professionals, and a long timeline for creation. This requires a huge investment that might not yield the required returns, at least immediately. This is where AI can help creators with video. 

The following tools on our lists have leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate videos purely using text as the input. These tools can transform texts into visuals that are appealing, attracting and engaging the users, making the pages appealing while eliminating expensive resources, and saving time for the content creators.

1. InVideo

InVideo is a popular AI tool for video generation that offers a wider range of video effects, templates, innovation, and a customization corner to add to the video. This tool allows bloggers and newsrooms to transform the written text into professional-looking videos. 

This tool is a go-to choice for creators as it has an extensive media library and an advanced, intuitive interface. It is capable of generating intros and outros for your videos, and can also edit videos for your Instagram making it stand out from the rest on this list. InVideo also offers a wide range of templates allowing you to use them and create your video quickly. 

InVideo has a free plan that you can start with, the Business plan is at $15/ month, whereas the Unlimited plan is for $30/ month. There is a Lifetime Business Plan for small businesses and influences priced at $399, and you’ll only be billed once.

2. Runway.ml

Runway.ml is one of the most versatile tools for video generation. The newly launched Gen-2 model of Runway.ml is capable of generating a video purely based on text input. In comparison, the Gen-1 model needed an existing video to act as a base to generate effects on it. With Runway.ml Gen-2 all you need to do is enter a prompt stating what you want in the video. You can define the seed value, enable interpolation to smoothen out frames, or even upscale the video to a higher resolution.

The basic plan is free forever and offers you 125 credits to try Runway out. Once you riun out of credits, you will need to purchase a standard plan which is billed at $12 per user / month. The standard plan offers you 625 credits/ month to begin with and you have the option to purchase additional credits. With the Pro plan you get 2250 credits/ month, additional storage for assets and will cost you $28 per user/ month. 

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 takes a different approach to generative AI compared to the rest of the tools on this list. There are two options, the first one generates a video based on a blog link, while the other is called Talking Head Videos. If you are looking to convert your blog posts or news articles into videos while putting in minimum effort, Lumen5 can do that, By using your post as a script, it arranges stock footage that closely match your written content, you also have the option to swap footage and search for alternate clips yourself. 

The Talking Head Videos feature makes your Piece to Camera (PTCs) more engaging. Lumen 5 has the capability to transcribe the video and can then add visual elements and pointers for viewers to read from. This is especially useful for small newsrooms covering breaking news articles. This speeds up the process of creating a video, all from a web-based app.

Lumen5 offers 4 plans that you can choose from. The Basic Plan starts at $19/ month, the Starter plan is for $59/ month, the Professional plan is for $149 per month and the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing. You’ll need to contact the Lumen5 team for an Enterprise quote. 

4. Pictory

Pictory has a wide range of use cases and can work for newsroom, social media managers as well as bloggers. Just like the other tools on the list Pictory is capable of generating a video based on a text script. It can also create smaller highlights from a long video which can be used by social media managers as teasers on social media. Blogger looking to add video as a medium to their platform can simply submit a blog post to Pictory which creates a video representation of it within minutes.  

Even if you are a newsroom with a video team in place, Pictory can help you transcribe  and add captions to a video automatically. This increases the value of the video as well as its accessibility. The interface is simple and easy to use, Pictory also offers masterclasses for users to learn the tool effectively. 

The videos created in it also give a real-time preview making Pictory one of the primary choice video generators. Pictory offers a Free plan for you to get started, allowing you to create 3 videos up to 10 minutes in length. Once you exhaust it, you will need to select from one of the following plans; Standard, Premium, or Teams. These plans are priced at $19/ month, $39/ month and $99/ month respectively. 

5. Veed.io

Veed.io is a flexible online video editor that can do more than using AI to generate a video from text. This online video editor is capable of creating intros and outros for your videos. A catchy intro is capable of hooking the audience to watch the video completely. While the outro allows you to add call-to-actions for users to perform. Veed.io has auto video captioning just like some of the other tools, however Veed.io is capable of translating captions in different languages as well. 

Veed.io has a Free plan allowing you to edit one 10 minute project. The other plans are Basic , Pro, and Business priced at   These resonate with the creators with high-quality video resolutions and content with it. the basic pricing is for $12/ month, while the pro plan that Veed.io gives is at the price of $24 for a month. 

6. DeepBrainAI

Unlike other AI-powered tools on the list DeepBrainAI is focused primarily on news publishers. Smaller newsrooms can generate an AI news Anchor that can deliver news to your viewers. This will help smaller publications convert their news articles into videos with an AI presenter hosting it. These human-looking avatars also express emotions and have a natural voice which helps create realistic videos.

The basic Starter plan is priced at $30/ month for producing 10 minutes per month, you can produce up to 60 minutes of video/ month in the Starter plan which will cost you $180/ month. The Pro plan starts at $225/ month and offers 90 minutes per month of video time. Enterprise Plans are available but have custom pricing based on your requirements. 

7. Synthesia

Synthesia can also generate videos with AI avatars just like DeepBrain AI. Synthesia has over 140 AI avatars to choose from. These avatars can be further customised to suit your publications requirements. It also offers AI Voice as a feature allowing you to choose between 120+ voices and accents for your avatar. Synthesia also offers 60+ video templates which saves you the effort to create one from scratch.  

It has a text to speech feature which helps with create professional voiceovers. Synthesia offers a Personal plan priced at $22.50/ month while the Enterprise plan has custom prices. 

8. Fliki.ai

Fliki.ai tool generates videos from articles and blogs by stitching together relevant stock images and videos. It also has a text to speech feature which can be used to generate voiceovers for these videos. Fliki supports more than 75 languages giving small publishers and bloggers to create videos in more than one language. It also has over 100 different dialects and accents. Fliki.ai has an online editor that enables you to make all changes online without the need for expensive equipment. 

Fliki gives you the ability to generate realistic voice overs, ability for creating and hosting podcasts and generating commercial rights to get better video with premium community. Fliki.ai is offering the most creative solutions for a basic plan of $6 per month, the standard plan of $21/month on Fliki.ai with no watermark. Ideal powers and an all round advanced features can be accessed in Fliki.ai with pricing of $66 for a month.

You can use these AI tools to generate videos from articles and blog posts. Some of these tools also offer the option of generating voice overs which is a great plus. These AI-powered tools make video production accessible to small newsrooms and bloggers as well helping them explore the video format without making huge investments. 

Smaller publications, bloggers, and content creators can  not only create videos for their own sites and blogs but can also use it for their social media distribution. Even larger newsrooms can use some of these tools to repurpose content and for increasing their video output.

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